Saghar Khayyami, was born at Rampur on 7th June, 1938. He has imbibed from his environment the peculiar refinement of Lucknavi culture, and a taste for fine arts and poetry. He belongs to a family that was deeply religious and yet endowed and with a fine literary sensibility. His father Shaair Lucknavi, was a poet of considerable merit, and his eldest brother, Mehdi Nazmi, was a talented and a prolific writer of prose and poetry. One of his brothers was a humorist, while another was an artist and a painter. Saghar had learned Arabic and Persian in his younger days but had later enlarged the sphere of his study by assimilating in it the element of western thought and culture. He was for several years associated with Jawahar Lal Nehru University, specializing in research and language studies. Saghar Khayyami's humorous poetry is a source of delight and edification. It takes within its sweep a wide range of ironies and inconsistencies that affect our society in its social, scientific, cultural and domestic spheres. He has a perceptive mind and a sharp sense of humor, simultaneously entertaining and instructive. Apart from exposing and social and moral foibles of our age, the poet can also peer, as in the poem, Pas-e-Roshni, beneath the boast of scientific advancement, and unmasked the area of darkness behind the light. He is also a perfect storyteller as can be seen in his poems such as: Allaudin ka Tarbooz, Ghalib in Delhi and Shaair ka Maghz. He has a simple, straightforward, urbane style which enables him to establish an instant rapport with his readers. His published works include: Under Crease (1990), Qahqahon ki Baraat (1992) and Pas-e-Roshni (1996). “Kuch Wahan ke Liye” (2008) His complete colletion of poems “Kulliat e Saghar” (2009)
Ghalib Award, 1997. Urdu Academy Award for Urdu Poetry.